Professional Organizing Services


We specialize in Home Organization & Relocation Services

The Organized Style is a Chicago-based, full-service Professional organizing company. We help families get organized by implementing practical, functional, and sustainable home organizing solutions that streamline everyday activities and simplify lives.

What We Do

We restore your living space through purging, space planning, and designating zones for belongings to live and activities to happen.

We replace your organizing challenges with sustainable systems and quality products from our trusted vendors for lasting results and beautiful aesthetics.

We reorganize any area of your home, and even assist with your moving needs. We see you through to a more organized way of living, no matter where you are in your journey.

Our Organizing Approach & Philosophy

We believe that home organization should be:


Solutions are customized around your unique space challenges and lifestyle

Your customized systems save you time, money, and sanity because they make it easy to know what you have and what you need.

Tidying up and staying organized is more likely because all your belongings have a home and returning them becomes faster and easier.

What we offer:

  • In-Home organization services to get you organized.
  • Relocation services for your moving needs.
  • Home Refresher’s Club exclusively for recurring refresher visits (conditions apply.)

Get started:

Do you have an organizing project you would like us to help you tackle?  Here's how to get started.

  • Get in touch.
  • Schedule your complimentary 15 mins. consultation.
  • Schedule your home assessment.
  • Book your organizing sessions.
  • Stay organized with timely refresher visits through our exclusive Home RefreSher's Service.

Services & Features


In-Home Organizing Service

Our hands-on sessions help you to achieve your home organizing goals 
And create a more calming environment for you and your family through our simplified process.


What to expect:

The steps to get organized with us. 


Learn more about our service with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to discuss your organizing challenges and to get scheduled for an in-person assessment. 



Complete a 30 - 60 minute in-person, walk-through of your home to determine the project scope and estimate. At this time, the details of your organizing package will be confirmed, preliminary measurements are taken, and your organizing sessions will be scheduled.



Hands-on organizing sessions are completed in 4-hour blocks of time, we call these sessions. We offer pre-packaged sessions so that it's easy to know your project timeline and investment. Using our signature methods, we transform areas of your home to a beautifully organized living space.

What is included:

Full-Service Professional Organizing

  • The organizer’s time and expertise.
  • Customized plans designed for your unique challenges and home.
  • Product sourcing and personal shopping including returns and exchanges.
  • End-of-session clean-up including donation drop-offs and much more.


  • Assessments: $50  - $100 / hour
    • To be credited towards your organizing package when booked on the same day.
  • Sessions: $300/session
    • 1 session = 4 hours
    • We offer packages of hours bundled in sessions that are 4 hours long.)
  • 1 organizer - $75/hour
    • 4 hours minimum
  • 2 organizers - $150/hour
    • 6 hours minimum
  • Each additional Organizer - $70/hour

Home RefreSHER’S Service

We are making your home maintenance goals a reality with our latest service where our expert organizer, becomes your very own personal organizer.

"I'll be the person there to help stay on top of all the mess, as often as you'd like." - Sherilee

The Home RefreSHER’s Service:

Like therapy, but for your home, we now offer exclusive access to recurring home-refresher sessions. These visits help you to maintain an organized home.  Replace your need to do it all with peace of mind so you can enjoy more of the little things. 
*Terms and conditions apply. 


  • The luxury of time. You don’t have to do it all on your own any longer.
  • Increased mental clarity and sense of calm. You get professional eyes managing your home projects at all times.
  • Improved organizing skills. Learn our trusted methods and techniques and apply them.
  • Develop good organizing habits that make life easier for everyone. 

Contact us to learn more about gaining access.

*Terms and conditions apply. 


Relocation Services

We know that moving can be challenging and there are a lot of elements that should come together. Our relocation service aims to streamline the process so you can get to the moved-in part faster and more organized. We offer service-features that help you to get organized before and after your move.

Pre-move Purge & Prep:

We advise doing a thorough purge of your home prior to moving so that only the things that serve you well move into your new home with you and this features helps you to accomplish just that.

What’s Included:

  • A personalized plan to purge and contain your belonging for an easier packing and unpacking experience.
  • De-personalization and light home staging to prepare for a home sale.
  • Facilitating your move for a smooth transition from one home to the other home.


Full-service organization rates apply. Pre-packaged hours available.

Move - In Organization

Moving or just moved into a new home and looking to start this chapter organized? Our team works closely with you to prepare your home for organizing success. We facilitate the move-in process and deliver full-service organization to the desired areas of your home.

What’s Covered:

  • We work hand in hand with your movers to facilitate the unboxing and placement of your belongings on moving day.
  • We swiftly unpack and deliver full-service organization to the designated areas of your home. We create customized systems that are suitable for your style and home.


Rates are subject to the specifics of your project.


transform and organize your space