Welcome, I'm Sherilee

I am the founder and creative mind behind all things The Organized Style. I help families all over Chicago and its surrounding suburbs create beautifully organized living spaces throughout their homes with my in-home organization and relocation services. On a more personal note, I am a Mother of 2 who understands the busy family dynamic and how demanding it can feel to keep your home organized and tidy. I enjoy the organizing process and using my problem solving skills to help resolve organizing challenges.  I enjoy creating a calming environment for my family and through my love for organization I developed a service where I get to help other families along in their own organizing journey.

About Us:

The Organized Style, was established in 2017 and began offering in-home organizing services to Chicago families. Over the years, Sherilee has helped many families resolve their challenges and find long-lasting organizing solutions. Our service has since expanded to include relocation (moving) services and our latest addition, The Home RefreSHER'S club to help families stay organized.

Our suite of services are carefully designed to meet you where you are in your organizing journey and take you to your goals.

What We Offer

In- Home Organizing Services


Relocation Services


Our Guiding Philosophy

"Here at The Organized Style we believe that home organization should be practical, functional and sustainable. Getting organized is personal, so we customize your solutions based on your unique lifestyle, budget, and organizing goals. We deliver your solutions in a beautifully organized system that makes you excited for the next project. Our ultimate goal as your organizer is to help you achieve long term organization. Our service aims to support your journey towards a more organized lifestyle. We will be there to help you reorganize through every life transition as your needs change."

- Sherilee

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