About the Company

The Organized Style Company is one of Chicago’s up and coming professional home organizing firms. Founded by Mother and Organizing specialist Sherilee Pate in 2017. Their signature home organizing solutions are delivered through hands on organizing sessions completed by Sherilee and her team of organizers.
In an effort to expand their reach, “In-Home Consulting” services is an added feature to help “do it yourself” clients get organized too.

The Organized Style continues to grow and help families all across the Chicagoland area organize their lifestyle.

About Our Founder

Sherilee Pate

Sherilee, Mother and professional organizing specialist founded The Organized Style when her natural organizing skills and desire to help families maintain an organized lifestyle came together.

Sherilee describes herself as always having a tendency to create systems that helped her to maintain and organized surrounding from a young age. When she became a mother those skills stepped into high gear – Sherilee created systems that not only organize their things but their lifestyles and she effectively does the same for families all across Chicagoland today. 

Sherilee goes on to say, “Organizing your home is taking pride in a space that is a representation of you; You want your space to support the lifestyle you’re trying to create and maintain. I realize that getting there is easier said than done for many reasons. A top reason being the lack of time that families experience because life can become downright chaotic at times. This leaves little room for inspiration and the will to do it yourself. This is why I created this service – to fulfill that need. My clients not only get to come home to a space that is tidy, they get a space that functions and supports their lifestyle. One organized to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.” 

The Organized Style organizes homes within the city of Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs.

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